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Looking back at a quarter-century of experience, our role in the development of the creative economy, innovation, and new opportunities become clear. As a pioneer in the industry, we have been able to see the global market’s constant changes and learned to remain at the forefront of these.

Over the years, ALGI has expanded from Corporate Social responsibility to broaden its reach to environmental, security, and additional services. Always maintaining the commitment to transparency and quality that identifies us as a company.

Service we provide:

ALGI specializes in 4 lines of service, having vast experience and recognition in the field of corporate social responsibility and expanding its scope to: Environmental audits, safety audits, virtual audits and social compliance audits.

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Personalized Services

Strategically located staff, allowing quick responses to your requests. 

Quality and Transparency

ALGI is proud member of institutions such as amfori, Sedex, FLA, APSCA, and more.

Operational Quality

By strictly attaching our service to the scheme or international standard criteria.

Best Cost-Efficient Service

Most orderly and accurate

ALGI Specialized Software

Real-time operations follow up via our ALGI Management System Software.

Our Services


SLCP is a multi-stakeholder program aiming to improve working conditions within the global apparel and footwear sectors.

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Higg FEM

The Higg Facility Environmental Module (Higg FEM) is one of the Higg Index´s self-assessment tools, which evaluate the facility´s environmental performance.

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WRAP’s primary activity is the certification program, which is the largest of its kind, mainly focused on apparel, footwear, and sewn products.

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amfori BEPI

amfori BEPI was founded in 2013 and provides a comprehensive range of services that enable companies to drive focused environmental improvements in their supply chain and to trade with purpose.

Virtual / Remote Audits

A Virtual / Remote Audit aims to provide a social compliance evaluation using technology as a tool for auditors and clients to communicate transparently about company processes, policies, procedures and personnel in real-time.

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ALGI’s management systems initiative aims to reach an internal commitment with the manufacturer to self-monitor and improve their compliance of social, environmental and ethical standards.

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