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Amfori is the leading global business association for open and sustainable trade. Their vision is of a world where all trade delivers social, environmental and economic benefits for everyone.

Audit Methodology


  • Only qualified and authorized auditors shall conduct amfori BSCI audits
  • All amfori BSCI audits shall be requested and administrated via the BSCI Platform
  • Amfori BSCI audit can be conducted only in facilities that are registered on the BSCI platform and who have a member taken over the responsibility for the factory (RSP holder)

amfori BSCI Performance areas:

1.Social management system and cascade effect

2.Workers involvement and protection

3.Freedom of association and collective bargaining

4.No discrimination

5.Fair remuneration

6. Working hours

7. Occupational health & safety

8. No child labor

9. Special protection for young workers

10. No precarious employment

11. No bonded labor

12. Protection of the environment

13. Ethical business behavior

Audit Tools

  • BSCI “2.0” is the current system of the BSCI Code of Conduct, valid since 2015
  • BSCI provides their own audit report tool

How long is a BSCI audit valid?

The audit cycle lasts two years with a follow-up audit prior to the completion of 12 month from the initial audit date.

Benefits of having an amfori audit:

  • Improve the social performance of your supply chain
  • Have a clear and consistent approach that highlights best practices
  • Improve your resilience to industry and market changes
  • Improve your businesses’ reputation by meeting the expectations of your customers and stakeholders

How does it work?


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What makes us different?

Provision of reports that concisely and objectively inform of the outcome of the assessment.
Understanding and knowledge of local issues linked to Social Compliance.
Highly experienced auditors that undergo continuous training and learning.
Cooperative and respectful attitude towards factory management and employees during interviews.
Quality assurance and control staff working independently from the on-site audit process.
Global Management System based in ISO 9001:2015, ISO 17021:2011.
Real time operations follow up via our ALGI Management System Software.
Confidentiality, Integrity and Impartiality are our core business values.