SLCP aims to bring together unique perspectives to create an efficient, scalable and sustainable solution for social audits.

The aim is to implement the first industry-wide framework to assess social and labor conditions. This includes a standard-agnostic tool and verification methodology which collects objective social and labor data that stakeholders can use to identify opportunities for improvement and track progress.

By implementing a Converged Assessment Framework (CAF) for social and labor data collection that can replace all current audit methodologies. The CAF consists of a Data Collection Tool and verification methodology: together they provide the tools to come to a set of verified data on social and labor conditions in facilities, that a facility can share with its business relations, including brands and standards. No additional data collection (audits) are needed.

Intentions / Methodology

Verifications are conducted by any active verification body and the methodology has as to collect objective social and labor data that stakeholders can use to identify opportunities for improvement and track progress.


The Converged Assessment Framework consists of three elements:

    • Data Collection Tool (Excel and online on the AH platform)
      ‘Questionnaire’ used to gather data on working conditions in a facility and used by the Verifier to verify this data. Contains all the assessment questions that a facility must answer through a self/joint-assessment. When completed, includes the answers by the facility and the Verifier. Can be filled in online on an Accredited Host platform or offline through an excel file downloadable from an Accredited Host.
  • Verification Protocol (PDF)
    The document that contains the procedures, rules and process requirements for conducting an SLCP verification.
  • Verifier Guidance (PDF)The document that helps Verifiers complete the verified assessment report by giving guidance on how to verify a facility’s answers to questions in the Data Collection Tool.


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What makes us different?

Provision of reports that concisely and objectively inform of the outcome of the assessment.
Understanding and knowledge of local issues linked to Social Compliance.
Highly experienced auditors that undergo continuous training and learning.
Cooperative and respectful attitude towards factory management and employees during interviews.
Quality assurance and control staff working independently from the on-site audit process.
Global Management System based in ISO 9001:2015, ISO 17021:2011.
Real time operations follow up via our ALGI Management System Software.
Confidentiality, Integrity and Impartiality are our core business values.