Complying with the applicable anti-corruption legislation for companies has never been this important in order to maintain public trust and competitive advantage.

In an ever more transparent and accessible world, in which facts speak louder than statements, it is wise to comply.

ROAD to ISO 37001

  • Tone at the top
  • Top-notch Ethic Code of Conduct
  • Governance and top-level commitment

Due diligence on third parties’ background and demonstration towards ethics compliance has dramatically increased over the years in commercial decision-making processes and procurement.

Risk Assessment

Turning the lights on to pinpoint the bribery risks your company is exposed to will determine the risk profile and the reach of your compliance program. In doing so, the wide spectrum of light will inevitably take you to examine your partners and providers…

  • Scope of your Anti-bribery Management System
  • Resources to be allocated
  • Benchmarking

Individual accountability and criminal liability are a growing trend in the enforcement of new anti-bribery and corruption legislation worldwide.

Gap Analysis

Determine how the existing bribery and corruption policies and procedures are sufficient and relevant to mitigating corruption risk

Enhance rather than reinventing!

  • Designing and implementing the Compliance program
  • Awareness and training
  • Policies and procedures
  • Conditions and controls on gifts and hospitality
  • Conflict of interest
  • Due diligence, approvals and thresholds
  • Policies for third parties
  • Whistleblowing channel and procedures
  • Compliance Function
  • Employment, ethic checks and objectives
  • Allegation investigation procedures

Organizations that used proactive data monitoring had 54% lower losses and halved the time to detect the fraud.  Similarly, management review and whistleblower hotlines also reduced the losses by 50% and decreased the detection time by 50%. (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. (2016). 2016 Report to the Nations. Retrieved 13 January, 2017)

Monitoring and Continual Improvement

Test effectiveness of implementation and efficiency of your Compliance Program.

Road to ISO 37001

  • Auditing ISO 37001:2016 criteria in order to define level of compliance.
  • Gap bridging and adjusting to an ever-changing environment

Weak implementation of anti-fraud controls, such as lack of internal controls (29%), overriding of existing internal controls (20%), and lack of management review (19%), often contribute to fraud. (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. (2016). 2016 Report to the Nations. Retrieved 13 January, 2017)

Compliance Culture

ALGI abides by ISO 17021:2015. Confidentiality, integrity, transparency and impartiality is transversal to all our services.

Anti-bribery Management System

ALGI is the leader consulting and auditing firm, with 30 years of worldwide experience in the different international standards and schemes that shape compliance across industries. Our expertise in assessing management systems and know-how on compliance building is enhanced by the adoption of Ethic-Intelligence® risk assessment and gap analysis tools based on ISO 37001:2016, anti-bribery management system international standard.