The Global Recycled Standard (GRS)

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The Global Recycled Standard verifies recycled input material, tracking it from its recollection as waste to the final product. In addition to the Content Claim verification, GRS also ensures responsible social and environmental practices, and adequate chemical use through the entire production process. As for the RCS, the GRS aims at increasing waste recollection and reuse, mitigating harm done by industrial production.  

 Audit Methodology


Individual sites are certified by independent third-party certification bodies using annual audits. 

GRS Performance Areas

  • Management system 
  • Chain of custody  
  • Managing GRS during 
    • Input 
    • Production 
    • post-production 
  • Auditing outgoing GRS product 
  • Social requirements 
  • Environmental requirements 
  • Chemical requirements 

Audit Scope 

  • The GRS applies to organizations that produce with 20% or more Recycled Content. 
  • The Standard applies to any verified Recycled Material and may apply to any supply chain. 
  • The Standard includes consumer-facing labeling; only products that have been certified up to the seller in the last business-to-business transaction are eligible. 
  • This certification not only measures the content claim for recycled materials but also covers social and environmental management system assessments.  

Note: Only products with at least 50% Recycled Content qualify for product specific GRS labeling. To know more please click here.

How long is a GRS Audit valid?

Audit cycle is carried out annually.

Benefits of having an GRS Audit: 

  • Improve the sustainable performance of your supply chain.  
  • Have a clear and consistent approach that highlights best practices.   
  • Improve the resilience of your business to industry and market changes. 
  • Customize service allying to the client needs 

How does it work?


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What makes us different?

Provision of reports that concisely and objectively inform of the outcome of the assessment.
Understanding and knowledge of local issues linked to Social Compliance.
Highly experienced auditors that undergo continuous training and learning.
Cooperative and respectful attitude towards factory management and employees during interviews.
Quality assurance and control staff working independently from the on-site audit process.
Global Management System based in ISO 9001:2015, ISO 17021:2011.
Real time operations follow up via our ALGI Management System Software.
Confidentiality, Integrity and Impartiality are our core business values.