Organic Content Standard (OCS)

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The Organic Content Standard (OCS) has the objective of promoting organic agriculture productionby providing chain of custody verification for materials originating on a certified farm up to the last business to business transaction. This allows for organic cotton producers and manufacturers to increase their products’ value and provide their buyer with full confidence in the product. 

Audit Methodology

Individual sites are certified by independent third-party certification bodies.

OCS Performance Areas

  • Management system 
  • Chain of custody  
  • Managing CCS during 
    • Input 
    • Production 
    • post-production  
  • Auditing outgoing CCS product  
  • GMO test for organic cotton (First Processor)


  • The OCS applies to products that contain at least 5% of organically grown material, calculated as a percentage of the entire product excluding accessories and trims. 
  • The certification can apply to a specific product, and to the organization that produces the product containing organic material.  
  • The whole supply chain is to be certified. This starts with the First Processor, the facility that buys organic cotton from a IFOAM certified farm and starts processing it. The certified supply chain continues up to the last business to business transaction.   


Audit cycle is carried out annually.

Benefits of having an OCS Audit:

  • Improve the sustainable performance of your supply chain.  
  • Have a clear and consistent approach that highlights best practices.   
  • Improve the resilience of your business to industry and market changes. 
  • Customize service allying to the client needs 

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