The Recycle Content Standard (RCS)

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The Recycled Claim Standard (RCS) aims at incentivizing the recollection and use of recycled materials. Tracking this reclaimed material from the input up to the final product allows for the facility to provide their buyers with the certification of their product’s components and their compliance with the standard throughout the whole supply chain. 

Audit Methodology

Individual sites are certified by independent third-party certification bodies using annual audits. 

RCS Performed Areas

  • Management system 
  • Chain of custody  
  • Auditing outgoing RCS product
  • Managing RCS during 
    • Input 
    • Production 
    • post-production  

Standard Scope

  • The RCS standard applies to products that contain 5% or more Recycled Content and organizations throughout the supply chain.  
  • The Standard applies to any verified Recycled Material and may apply to all actors of the chain of custody in any supply chain, up to the last business-to-business transaction.  
  • The Standard includes consumer-facing labeling 
  • All actors that process the material are to be certified, it is optional for collectors and concentrators who do not act upon the material. 

How long is a RCS Audit valid?

Audit cycle is carried out annually.

Benefits of having an RCS Audit:

  • Improve the sustainable performance of your supply chain.  
  • Have a clear and consistent approach that highlights best practices.   
  • Improve the resilience of your business to industry and market changes. 
  • Customize service allying to the client needs 

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