Dear partners,

The present communication is to provide an update regarding our status for the ISO/IEC 17065 and Textile Exchange standards (GRS, OCS and RCS).

On February 2022, due to a failure to resolve a technical non-conformity, ALGI’s accreditation body, IOAS, made the decision to suspend ALGI temporarily for a period of no longer than six months. A time during which ALGI was given the opportunity to develop an adequate and robust corrective action plan that ensured the non-conformity would be effectively resolved and the suspension lifted. For this, we already received a notification that our corrective action plan was found satisfactory.

Nevertheless, on April 22nd, and merely eight weeks after the suspension was announced, IOAS made the decision to withdraw ALGI’s accreditation, interrupting the suspension lifting process. Actions taken based on the suspension terms led IOAS to the conclusion that ALGI  allegedly violated them. It is with strong disagreement that ALGI has made decision submit an appeal to IOAS, as we remain confident that this decision does not match the performance, values, and capabilities ALGI has displayed over the course of 26 years.

ALGI guarantees that all current efforts are placed to minimize the impacts of this decision on our clients’ operations, as they remain to be our number one priority. We remain committed to provide all the guidance and information on the matter that is currently available to us and encourage any ALGI certified customer, to contact us at for more information regarding Textile Exchange standards.

Additionally, we would like to place our telephones at your disposal for any questions and concerns:

  • ALGI China: 862-162-884616
  • ALGI Bangladesh: 880-197-0717170
  • ALGI Pakistan: 922-134-810419
  • ALGI South East Asia: 622-179-83667

Thank you for your trust and support during this time.