We believe that by striving for a SUSTAINABLE ETHICAL CULTURE, Companies will BE FAVOURED BY SOCIETY

ALGI International Inc, incorporated in 1994, is a third-party auditing firm pioneer in the corporate social responsibility field. We look back at 25 years of expertise in the provision of social and environmental sustainable assessments and certifications, with an expansive workforce around the globe and spanning different industries. We perform over 3000 audits per year, conducted under the most critical international standards, with an expandable work-force around the globe and the different industries.

ALGI takes pride in dedicating the entire organization to rendering personalized CSR auditing services. It really makes all the difference and enables our clients to improve and succeed in bringing their facilities to the most sustainable and responsible standard.

ALGI’s operation is ruled by one robust management system, through a centralized in-house Platform, which is available at all times for our multi-cultural and diverse team to record their activities. ALGI Head Office and Subsidiaries obtain real time information and therefore, are able to provide immediate response to both, the internal and external clients.

Headquartered in Plantations FL, United States, ALGI conducts social responsibility assessments worldwide, provides risk management tools and encourages continual improvement.