ISO 37000 (only for LATAM)

We offer diagnosis, planning, strategy, tools development, implementation, results delivery, training and other mechanisms associated with risk management of the Anti-Bribery Management System.

We have 03 types of implementation

1.Corruption Risk Analysis with a Value Purpose

We reviewed and compared  ISO 37001 compliance vs. current risk exposure level, and developed the ALGI Compliance Risk Assessment. This is an analysis that brings together the risk elements and the assessment results matrix.

2. ISO 37001 Gap Analysis and Local Regulatory Compliance

Generates a baseline document that allows the company to track compliance deployment, highlighting anti-corruption efforts demonstrated and identifying areas that need attention.

3.Implementation of the Anti-bribery Management System (ABMS)

Development and implementation of operations and policies that comply with the requirements of an ABMS, aligned with the context and the company stakeholders, and supported by an exhaustive and customized risk analysis.

ISO 37001 Audit (Not conducive to certification) (only LATAM)

We verify, with a simulated audit, the compliance degree of the implemented anti-bribery program or of the criteria requested by the ISO 37001:2016 Standard, necessary for its certification.

As a result, a detailed audit report is issued specifying the compliance and the findings found in the exercise. This verifies the correct implementation of the Management System and the continuous improvement required by the ABMS.


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