This service consists of the design and execution of training programs at different technical levels. Through the public technical trainings, we expect participants to gain knowledge and skills in Social Compliance Management related matters, such as International Social Regulation or local legal regulations requirements, Best Social Practices in the Industry, and Common Issues in Compliance Programs.

Very frequently, quick and poorly conceived changes to processes, organizations structures or supply procedures represent significant indications of lack of knowledge. Therefore, understanding fundamental concepts can represent a major success factor for organizations.

We conduct public technical trainings upon request, but possible areas of focus include:

  • Introduction to Compliance
  • Management System Training
  • Local law requirements
  • Social and Ethic practices in the industry
  • Grievance Mechanism

Training Methodology

The training is designed to be delivered on-site or remotely. During the training the participants will learn through lectures, case studies, group exercises, and discussions. ALGI also provides a certification and an online test in order to guarantee and support the knowledge acquired during the training.


Ensures that your organization fulfills the requirements stipulated in International and Local regulations.


We are glad to know about you! Please contact one of our sales representatives to guide you in the process.