Transaction certificate for Textile Exchange

Transaction Certificate (TC): A document issued by ALGI that verifies that products being sold or shipped from one organization to another conform to a given Standard of Textile Exchange and may be treated as claimed materials by the receiver.

  • Once an organization is certified, it shall request ALGI to Issue Transaction Certificates (TCs) for all products sold in business to business (B2B) transactions.
  • TCs shall only be issued to a Certified Organization with a valid Scope Certificate that is selling a CCS/OCS/RCS/GRS Product.
  • ALGI shall provide TCs upon request, please click here to make your request
  • ALGI can only issue a TC for its Certified Organizations.
  • Transaction certificates shall be issued by ALGI which held the scope certificate on the date when claimed materials were shipped. Shipments occurring before the change in certification bodies may not appear on the same transaction certificate as those occurring after the change in certification bodies.


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