According to the International Labour Organization (ILO), there are currently over 40 million victims of modern slavery worldwide, one in four of them children, and nearly 25 million in forced labour, suggesting the sheer scale of the problem. The issue does not discriminate gender, race or age. It can affect anyone and no supply chain is immune.

The complexity of modern business makes it difficult for organisations to become aware of risks they may be facing, never mind map and manage them. It gets harder and harder to see through layer upon layer of a multi-tired supply chain. Many governments are using legislation to drive responsible business practices and positive impacts on people’s working conditions. National laws require companies to manage their operational impacts on people and the environment, and report on their efforts to do so.

To address the problem and combining both historical perspectives and up-to-the-minute particulars, Sedex offers a range of tools to assist in raising awareness and targeting solutions around modern slavery. SMETASedex Members Ethical Trade Audit – is one of the most widely used ethical auditing tools in the world. Is your company and your supply chain ready to address human rights issues including forced labour, modern-day slavery and child labour? If you would like to request more information, contact us and take the next step towards sustainability.