In today’s world, companies work day to day in product development to encourage more sales; once discarded, these products most likely become waste. Reverse logistics is the process of collecting this material and returning it to its source for its recovery and further use. This can be done in innovative ways that bring economic, environmental and social benefits to a company’s value chain. The businesses involved in carrying out reverse logistics definitely promote a circular economy, reducing their waste generation.

Natural resources involved in the core of every industry are often finite; therefore, it is necessary to think about new, more sustainable forms of production, which might reduce the extraction of natural resources, or operate so that they can be reused several times; making reverse logistics a great ally in any business’ quest for sustainability.

However, in order to include and perceive the benefits of practicing reverse logistics, its important to understand how to apply it to your business specifically. This type of business model requires a personalized research, as it is necessary to consider many variables involved in the company’s supply chain.

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