As an accredited organization, ALGI has the following information readily available during the certification process and upon request: 

  • Information describing our audit and certification processes for granting, maintaining, extending, renewing, reducing, suspending or withdrawing Textile Exchange certifications. 
  • Information about the certification activities, types of management systems and geographical areas in which our operations take place.  
  • The means to confirm the validity of a given certification. In exceptional cases, based on request by a client with acceptable reasons, or for security reasons, access to certain information may be limited. 
  • Certified products directory, as well as information about certifications granted, suspended or withdrawn. 
  • description of the rights and duties of applicants and clients, including requirements, restrictions or limitations on the use of ALGI name and certification mark and on the ways of referring to the certification granted. 
  • Information about ALGI’s procedures for handling complaints & appeals. 
  • Copies of the Textile Exchange Standards under ALGI’s accreditation scope and supporting documents as applicable. 

Other information provided upon request is the description of the means by which ALGI obtains financial support and general information on the fees charged to applicants and to clients. 

Please kindly note that ALGI will provide requested information as long as it does not violate any confidentiality requirements and that such information is to be provided as per Textile Exchange requirements. 

For more information regarding Textile Exchange standards & Certification: 


To find out more information please contact ALGI Textile Exchange Team

In case of any concern or complaint, please refer to our concern / complaint channel