Security in supply chains has become an important topic for major brands and retailers sourcing goods all over the world and number of security initiatives and standards were created to protect supply chains from being misused for illegal and unethical purposes (terrorism, smuggling, sabotage, steeling of intellectual property, etc.). ALGI Supply Chain Security Program was developed as an effective tool to evaluate security risks at production facilities and identify improvement opportunities and it is based on recognized international standards.

Intentions / Methodology

In-house developed methodology based on C-TPAT criteria 


  • Security Management System
  • Physical Security
  • Access Control
  • Procedural Security
  • Personnel Security
  • Information Security
  • Container and Trailer Security
  • Security Awareness 

Audit tools 

 Comprehensive and intelligent audit tool providing clear, structured and quantified results.


Validation 2 to 12 months after company receive certification. 

Re-validation every 4 years after initial validation. 


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