As part of an effort to adapt to shifting needs and current demands created by the recent global pandemic, and given the standards’ rapid-response, ALGI has decided to move forward to include remote services in our portfolio. Always seeking to facilitate your company’s compliance needs, ALGI is offering the opportunity for Virtual Assessment.

About Virtual Assessment

A Virtual Assessment is based on same criteria as an on-site audit; however, the auditor conducts the audit online., it consists of everything that is typically included in an onsite process.

This includes, but not limited to:

  • Pre assessment preparation meeting
  • Opening and closing meeting
  • Document and records’ review
  • Interviews with workers
  • Tour of the facility’s premises
  • Presentation of the findings

An evaluation of all the social performance areas in accordance with the scheme.

A Virtual Assessment aims to provide social compliance evaluations using technology as a tool for auditors and clients to communicate about company’s, policies, procedures and personnel in real-time.

Requirements for the Virtual Assessment:

To be eligible for a Virtual Assessment, an evaluation is needed to determine whether your company meets certain essential parameters and is able to conduct normal audit processes through virtual means. This includes virtual access to documents through technology, privacy and confidentiality considerations and the ability to conduct a site tour and interviews.

The initial stage of the Virtual  Assessment is the Pre-Assessment Preparation (PAP) Meeting. This aims to provide guidance in every step of the way and includes the following:

  • Brief introductions and review of audit plan and timeline.
  • Identify and designate responsible person(s): Your designated personnel will be available throughout the entire audit. These should be prepared to be available during the opening and closing meetings, as well as anytime questions arise throughout the audit.
  • Required Documentation: A list of required documentation for review is provided with the audit plan and carefully reviewed during the PAP Meeting.
  • Site Tour: A site tour is an essential part of the social audit. ALGI will inform you of the best technology to implement for this process and ensure that you are aware and ready for the audit.
  • Reliable Wireless Connection: Stable connection will be necessary to conduct a remote audit. During the PAP Meeting we will test the application or conferencing system to ensure proper connectivity. Our team can support you if necessary.
  • Interview Location: Selection of designated interview area and interview methodology review, confidentiality, and non-retaliation.
  • Information storage: ALGI will maintain company documentation on the secured ALGI SharePoint which has strict access protocols in place ensuring the confidentiality of your information.

Something to note

Scheduling process:

Once the is received and suitability confirmed by ALGI, and based on the Terms Of Reference, communication is then established with the client representative to coordinate: The Assessment Date and the Pre-Assessment Preparation Meeting date.

Audit report

Once the audit ends, ALGI has 5 to 10 business days to deliver the report.

What are the benefits of a Virtual Assessment?

  • For companies affected by the current COVID-19 pandemic, remote audits make a significant contribution to maintaining certification or valid report.
  • Virtual Assessment are suitable for companies regardless of their location (national or international), as conducting them virtually allows for this flexibility.
  • Lowered costs, as there are no travel expenses incurred.
  • Mitigate disruption to your audit cycle / certification.
  • Greater support for your company in preparing for the assessment through the ALGI PAP Meeting.

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